SIGEP commented by the protagonists. Part Two.

We continue the analysis about what professionals think about Sigep, the international fairshow for pastry, gelato, bakery and confectionery. Here is the second part.

  1. What is SIGEP nowadays?
  2. Why did you decide to participate?
  3. What are the strengths of SIGEP?
  4. And its weaknesses?

Gianluca Fusto Pastry and chocolate consultant

  1. Today SIGEP is the most important international exhibition in Italy, an unmissable occasion for all sector professionals and companies.
  1. I am very emotionally attached to this event because it is a chance to see people who I have not seen for a long time, with whom I have grown over the years. SIGEP has always brought together the past, present and future: you remember who you used to be, understand who you are today and can get an idea of where you are going or want to go.
  1. SIGEP has always believed and invested extensively in competitions, from which it has developed a larger turnout and more international appeal: this is a fundamental aspect for a country like ours, which is seeking to become more professional and export the renowned Made in Italy.
  1. If things continue as they are, I think the biggest problem faced by SIGEP will be the space; when an event grows, the location must also evolve.

Danilo Freguja Pastry and chocolate consultant

  1. I think SIGEP is a great showcase, a meeting place and an important point of contact between companies and operators, at both a national and international level. It is without, the best event in the sector in terms of events, competitions and the categories of goods involved.
  1. Having participated for 35 years, I must say that my point of view has changed. When I was a young man I came to SIGEP with that curiosity, motivation and desire for innovation that drove me to grasp ideas and assimilate stimuli from everything I had around me, from the masters of the trade to companies. Now I am on the other side of things: I transmit my knowledge and experience to the young visitors and this makes me feel a much greater responsibility.
  1. I think that SIGEP has helped the sector grow over these years, thanks to a myriad of events and worldwide competitions, its international appeal and involvement of similar sectors such as coffee, bakery and catering.
  1. I am convinced that we need to break out of the traditional exhibition model nowadays. I believe we need places and times where we can go beyond superficial contact; where, in this age of disorienting values, we can explore human relationships, share moments of reflection beyond technical skill and linger on what we do and why.
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